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IRM: Integrated File Replication and Consistency Maintenance in P2P Systems

In peer-to-peer file sharing systems, file replication and consistency maintenance are widely used techniques for high system performance. Despite significant interdependencies between them, these two issues are typically addressed separately. Most file replication methods rigidly specify replica nodes, leading to low replica utilization, unnecessary replicas and hence extra consistency maintenance …

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Image Copy-Move Forgery Detection Based on SURF

As the advent and growing popularity of image editing software, digital images can be manipulated easily without leaving obvious visual clues. If the tampered images are abused, it may lead to potential social, legal or private consequences. To this end, it’s very necessary and also challenging to find effective methods …

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Visual-Semantic Modeling in Content-Based Geospatial Information Retrieval Using Associative Mining Techniques

Automatic learning of geospatial intelligence is challenging due to the complexity of articulating knowledge from visual patterns and to the ever-increasing quantities of image data generated on a daily basis. In this setting, human inspection and annotation is subjective and, more importantly, impractical. In this letter, we propose a knowledge-discovery …

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Drizzle: Cooperative Symbol-Level Network Coding in Multichannel Wireless Networks

Errors are inherently present in unreliable wireless channels. The primary challenge in designing error-control protocols in the medium-access control (MAC) or physical layer is to effectively maximize achievable throughput in wireless networks, even when unpredictable and time-varying errors exist. Network coding has successfully been applied to improve throughput in IEEE …

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Hierarchically Distributed Peer-to-Peer Document Clustering and Cluster Summarization

In distributed data mining, adopting a flat node distribution model can affect scalability. To address the problem of modularity, flexibility and scalability, we propose a Hierarchically-distributed Peer-to-Peer (HP2PC) architecture and clustering algorithm. The architecture is based on a multi-layer overlay network of peer neighborhoods. Supernodes, which act as representatives of …

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Adaptive Routing in Dynamic Ad Hoc Networks

Dynamic ad hoc networks are mobile ad hoc networks (MANETs) where network characteristics, such as network density and node mobility, change significantly over time and space. Sometimes, dynamic ad hoc networks resemble a dense ad hoc network. At other times, they resemble a delay tolerant network. Many real networks follow …

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