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A Homomorphic Linear Authenticator (HLA) Based Public Auditing Architecture For Verify The Truthfulness Of The Packet Loss Information In Wireless Ad Hoc Networks

In a multihop wireless network, nodes cooperate in relaying/routing traffic. An adversary can exploit this cooperative nature to launch attacks.  In this abstract, while observing a sequence of packet losses in the network, we are interested in determining whether the losses are caused by link errors only, or by the ...

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A Scalable And Reliable Event Matching Service For Content-Based Pub/Sub Systems In Cloud Computing Environment

In this abstract, we propose SREM, a scalable and reliable event matching service for content-based pub/sub systems in cloud computing environment. To achieve low routing latency and reliable links among servers, we propose a distributed overlay SkipCloud to organize servers of SREM. Through a hybrid space partitioning technique HPartition, large-scale ...

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The Word Alignment Model For Co-Extracting Opinion Targets And Opinion Words From Online Reviews

From online reviews, customers can obtain first-hand assessments of product information and direct supervision of their purchase actions. Meanwhile, manufacturers can obtain immediate feedback and opportunities to improve the quality of their products in a timely fashion. Thus, mining opinions from online reviews has become an increasingly urgent activity and ...

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A New Metrics QCS And ME For Participatory Sensing

            In this abstract, we tackle the challenge of attracting a regular stream of data contributions of reasonable quality through market-based mechanisms so that useful information can be extracted and passed on to service consumers who would pay for the information. In this abstract, we consider the specific case of ...

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Participatory Sensing With Quality Of Contributed Service And Market Equilibrium Metrics

Participatory sensing has the problem that contributions are sporadic and infrequent. To overcome this, we formulate a market-based framework for participatory sensing with plausible models of the market participants comprising data contributors, service consumers and a service provider. We analyze the market equilibrium and obtain a closed form expression for ...

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A Novel Approach K-Out-Of-N Computing Approach For Energy-Efficient Fault-Tolerant Data Storage And Processing In Mobile Cloud

Mobile devices deployed in dynamic networks (i.e., with frequent topology changes because of node failure/unavailability and mobility as in a mobile cloud), however, challenges of reliability and energy efficiency remain largely unaddressed. To the best of our knowledge, we are the first to address these challenges in an integrated manner ...

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